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The In's & Out's of Our Yoga & Space

Let us ease your mind and clear up any confusions, check out our class information below

Yoga meditation

Yoga with Sammy

Yoga with Sammy is a practice designed specifically for those who have never tried yoga, or have attended occasional practices, and gym yoga or other stretch classes.

Yoga with Sammy accommodates for all body types & ages. Sammy creates a space for you to explore your body, mind and open to your true spirit with a variety of poses, breathing practices and meditation techniques.

Yoga with Sammy is suitable for all body types and ages from the immature sprouts (16) to the more mature tree (120) :-) 

The only thing we ask you to do at every class, is listen to your beautiful body. If you find this class doesn't suit you, we do  offer discounted personal practices to get you into the space you wish to be in. 

Group Meditation with Sammy

Meditation practice at Space 2 Grow Yoga Studio gives students the opportunity to connect to their space of peace and joy within. Guided by Sammy join us for a 30 minute practice and start your journey to your Space 2 Grow, with our Traditional Meditation Practice.

Comfortable clothing needed.


Be Brave & Make the Journey to your Space 2 Grow!

Meditation Group
Sound Healing

Sound Healing with Sammy

Not only do we offer Sound Bowl Healing in every Yoga & Meditation Session, we also offer Sound Healing events and Personal Sound Healing Sessions. 

Sound healing sessions can be book for private, small groups (corporate, friends or family) and for couples.

Sammy has been practicing sound healing since 2018, where she began her journey with a highly trained Buddhist Monk. She continued her studies to attain more knowledge of Sound, Vibration & Frequency. 

She uses her sound healing techniques to heal her own ailments and dis-ease, and shares her love of healing with those who resonate with the practice. 

To find out more about Sound Healing with Sammy, please click here!

Choose Your Way to Invest in Your Practice

We offer discounts for cash payments, we also have direct transfer option to pay electronically.




Electronic Transfer

Our space offers bulk class passes. Ask Sammy at your first class!

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