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A Space 2 Grow...

At Space 2 Grow Yoga Studio, we don't just teach yoga.

We teach you how to reach your potential, deepen your knowledge, build your confidence, and take charge of your life.

Integrating Awareness into Our Lives

Yoga is the union of the body, mind and spirit., an orchestrated collaboration of movement, coordination and focus., and when introduced to intention and being, can propel the practitioner toward immense wisdom, strength and equilibrium. 

We connect to & create a world inside our self, that is encouraged to flow into the world that surrounds us, and this is the ultimate  potential of balance and mindfulness/awareness. 

Allow your practice to inspire you toward new wisdom and knowledge of the self, a deeper connection with your own physical nature, and a more profound understanding of your journey on this earth. 

As you develop your own intuition,  increase your prana (energy) and delve into a world of self inquiry, the world around you will also develop to support you, nurture you, and inspire you. 


Discover what a regular practice can create for you.  

Free Yoga
Kundalini Yoga Breathing
“You only learn when you give your whole being to something.”

J. Krishnamurti

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