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My Beautiful Little Teacher

My beautiful little teacher


How can Yoga change my life, for better?

...In ways I never thought imaginable

Its Christmas Eve and the energy of impatience, frustration and desire fill the world, as we rush to the shops and stores for our last minute gifts or the apple sauce for Christmas Dinner. The preup toward this time, saw alot of us booking our children in to longer daycare or leaving with friends or family to get the Christmas shopping done, taking time and energy away from the whole meaning to this time of year... "CELEBRATION" of Life, Love, Kindness, Human Connection & Selflessness... But now its "Commercialism" taking all the reward.

Yoga has shown me what's truly important, as this is my first experience of Christmas with my beautiful little teacher.

A life more precious than my own, and I want to give her every moment of my own.

I watch her grow her little world, both inside & outside, as she creates strength in the body and in her heart.

We scream in joy & in frustration, and I watch her self soothe her own worries, while learning to soothe her teddies.

We play inside and outside, literally and metaphorically, as we both encourage each other to discover our bodies at this age.

We mimic each other, as she learns by visually taking it all in, I learn by mindfully being aware of what I'm planting out, what I'm encouraging her to grow and what type of gardener she could be.

We speak different languages, not just for her own benefit of knowing another language and connecting with culture, but so we both learn creative ways to communicate and socialise, to encourage the love of communicating with ourselves and others, and to allow her soul to rest in a safe, open and honest space, having courage and confidence to speak. She brings courage and confidence to my soul, just by being in my world.

We adventure, in our world, in our bodies and in our hearts, as she encourages me to be the best in all of these places, I hold space for her to create her self in her places.

Yoga has taught me that money will never buy the most important things in this life, and to connect to what is... LOVE AND ENCOURAGING MORE IN THIS WORLD


My Beautiful Little Teacher is teaching me this everyday ๐Ÿ’—โœจ๐ŸŒˆ

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